What is AnaVahi?

AnaVahi is a space where I share my photos, music and ideas. Have fun and enjoy!

Why AnaVahi?

AnaVahi is derived from the root Anavah, which means Gentleness, Humility and Meekness... three values that are very close to my heart! 

Behind the Lens, Guitar & Harmonica?

Hi! I am Lambert... and this is not an AA meeting but simply my humble attempt to introduce myself :-) 

I like all things funky and cool, especially if its associated with music or photography. Otherwise you'll find me in nature... running, hiking or mountain biking. In the evenings I like to recline in my comfortable chair and reflect on life, the universe and everything while occasionally trying to solve world peace :-)

This is a picture of me and the most amazing, beautiful, stunning girl in the world :-)

© AnaVahi