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Review: Shaun Jacobs Band - Don't let go (single)

In one of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2015, the Shaun Jacobs Band recently released their new single "Don't Let Go". Creating a worthy sequel to "Love Can" was never going to be an easy task. Jacobs' 2013 break through record set the bar really high, with no obvious weak tracks and classics like "End of the Road", "Crystal Waters", "Drift Away" and of course "Love Can". 

In a sense, "Don't let go" is the antithesis to "End of the road". Where "End of the road" is a happy ever after story, "Don't let go" tells of a couple going through a difficult patch in their relationship. The contrast is telling in the lyrics. In the "End of the road", the protagonist can't stop thinking of her, he can't let her go and he wants her to know that "if it all falls down I'll be standing at the end of the road". In "Don't let go", he tries to make the relationship work because "Maybe in time he'll tread on streets of gold". However, he's "got so many questions and still no answers" and he tells himself that "sometimes love would break you before making you whole". The contrast also flows through to the music.

But before we get to philosophical lets get back to the task at hand. The fact is that I really like "Don't let go". It is a continuation of the sound that is fast becoming a Shaun Jacobs trademark: Strong percussion, catchy rolling guitar riffs and big chorusses, with Jacobs' soaring vocals driving the sound to a climax. And while the theme is slightly melancholic the bridge leaves us with hope... "why so afraid, I know love will surely make a way", complete with a typical Jacobs harmonics solo.

So all in all "Don't let go" is an excellent sequel to "Love can". It gets an Anavahi "Buy it Know" iTunes rating (especially since you would be supporting a local artist!). 

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