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The Best Artists on NoiseTrade - The AnaVahi Top 10

The Best Artists on NoiseTrade - The AnaVahi Top 10

If you don’t know the Noisetrade website, you are in for a treat. It is a site where artists give away their music for free. You may ask, where is the catch? There is no free lunch after all. Well, the catch is that you have to provide an email address. Any email adress will do, but you need access to it so it has to be valid. The list of email address gives the artist an indication of their fan base. If they are based in California but receive a lot of hits in New York, then it might be worthwhile touring to the Big Apple.

You can also tip the artist. This is optional but why not support the artist if you really like their work.

There are thousands of artists on the site, these are my 10 personal favourites (in order of merit):

1. Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels doesn’t fit into any genre. His music is a fusion of rock, classical, rap, acoustic and electronic. He creates beautiful worlds, full of joy, sorrow and life. I like all his albums. His seminal work, “Love & War & the Sea In Between” is a reflection of the deeper things in life. His latest creation “Home” is lighter, happier and lovely.

The following Josh Garrels tracks are essential listening: “At The Table”, “The Arrow”, “Farther Along”,  “Processional” and “Pilot me” (my favorite is “The Sea in between Soundtrack” version. Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcLuUt-dyks


2. Heath McNease

My first experience of Heath McNease was his album of songs inspired by the works of CS Lewis. I am big CS Lewis fan and therefore my opinion regarding that album cannot be considered objective! (For the record, I loved it ;-)

However, I have since checked out his other work (notably his album “Among Thieves”) and loved that as well! His music is mostly acoustic based, backed by a great voice, excellent lyrics and catchy tunes. Highly recommended! 


3. Lize Wiid

Lize Wiid’s debut album “Something in that moment” is a collection of poignant intimate autobiographic stories. The arrangements are mostly Piano driven, yet full and atmospheric.  Her voice is innocent and beautiful. Listening to the album is a tender and uplifting experience.


4. The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement is a throwback to the days where the only things that a Rock & Roll band needed were a couple of electrics, a bass, a drummer and a vocalist with soul. Their music is so seriously old school that it is fitting that Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) features in the video of their song “Take it back”. But it is fun, passionate and a joy to listen to (although not for sensitive listeners!). If I had to pick one band of this list to make it big one day, my money would be on the Temperance Movement. Watch this space! 


5. John Lucas

John Lucas currently only has one song on NoiseTrade, so technically his name should not be on this list. However, he has been such a big part of my NoiseTrade experience that I couldn't ignore him. Until recently he had two albums listed. Both of them were absolute classics. He’s music is passionate and intimate. “Heart gone wild” is one of my favourite songs ever on NoiseTrade. He recorded this video of it at his engagement party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvP32npUyWI


6. Brady Toops

Maybe it is because I am also a bass, but I have a soft spot for bassists and baritones. Toops has baritone voice with soul. His debut self titled album is arranged simply, devoid of any pretense.  The listening experience is deep and spiritual.

The album is only available on NoiseTrade for a limited time…


7. Tow’rs

The Tow’rs is another acoustic band, with a style that is typical of the teens (the decade 2010). Their self titled debut album is easy listening, with catchy tunes and funky arrangements. My favourite songs are: “Belly of the Deepest Love”, “December” and “Swelling Sea”. 


8. Brave No Sleep

This was the first album I ever downloaded from NoiseTrade and it is still one of my favourites (even if it is just a sentimental choice :-) Unfortunately it appears that the band is no more. Their website link is broken and the only Google search hit remaining is the link to their three songs on NoiseTrade. 



9. Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse has an easy listening acoustic style with a bit of a Jack Johnson vibe. He has been recording music since 1998. He has two albums on NoiseTrade. Standout tracks include “Summertime”, “Quite Town”, “Valencia”, “In the Neighborhood” and “Look what the sun did”.



10. Karla Adolphe

Karla Adolphe has a haunting voice. Her music is slightly melancholic, but beautifully arranged. Standout songs include: “Flying low”, “Invisible lines” and “Grey & Silver”.



Have I missed any diamonds in the rough? Please send through your favourites in the comments section. I intend to pick at least one worthwhile NoiseTrade artist every month and post it in my newsletter, so sign up below (if you like my music taste ;-) 

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