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Cottage in the Kloof

Cottage in the Kloof

In December my wife and I visited Cottage in the Kloof, a serene retreat just outside Robertson. The cottage is owned and managed by the Robinson family...  Robinsons in Robertson, you got to love it!

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The Robinsons also run one of the older craft breweries in the Western Cape, the Saggy Stone Brewing Co. This is situated about 4km before the cottage and is well worth a visit!

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Of course the star attraction here is beer in many exotic styles and flavours…

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But the food is also very good! The restaurant is open on weekends and Mondays.

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The road to the cottage is not suited for low profile vehicles, but according to the Robinsons many a sedan have managed to successfully negotiate its tricky contours ;-)

They do ask that you contact them prior to arrival to check on accessability.

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Our Rav4 did not have any problems (of course!) and soon we reached the Cottage.

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In front of the cottage is a courtyard with benches and a dinner table set. Ideal for dinner / relaxing outside.

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Looking towards the cottage, a sliding door opens to the lounge while a solid natural wooden door leads to the kitchen and bedroom.

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At the back, the kitchen opens to a deck (middle door). The Bathroom is a separate room on the left. On the right is canvas sails that can be opened.

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The the cottage faces down into the valley…

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While at the back there are views of the surrounding mountains.

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There is only one other cottage in the vicinity, the Oak tree cottage. You can see it from the deck.

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This is the Oak Tree cottage's view of Cottage in the Kloof.

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The cottage's living room is spacious with 180 degree views over the kloof. The cottage has solar power for the lights and one USB charging station (for those that cannot survive without their technology ;-)

There is cell phone reception, but my recommendation would be to turn of all forms of technology as soon as you enter the cottage and enjoy the serenity :-)

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There is a sleeper couch. The living room is separated from the rest of the cottage, so it is definitely possible for two couples to stay comfortably in the cottage.

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The cupboard has a small selection of books.

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The living room also has a dinner table. Notice the heater in the corner (ideal for cold winter days).

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The Kitchen is well furnished, as can be seen from the images below!

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There is also a decent selection of braai equipment... Nou gaan ons braai!

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The bedroom is intimate and cozy. Take note of the two LED lanterns on the bedstands… they are very useful for trips to the bathroom at night. We were there during a cloudy moonless night and it got so dark that I could literally not see my hand in front of my face. On that note, I definitely recommend that you bring a torch or two (we forgot ours at home, obviously).

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The bathroom can be reached via the deck.

Compliments for an awesome shower head... and with very good water pressure! It is a gas shower, so tuning it to the exact right temperature can take a bit of time… but it is oh so worth it!

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It is a loo with a view :-)

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The deck has a signature Kol-Kol wood fired hot tub… very nice! We had chilly weather, which went down very well with the hot tub!

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There are a lot of activities in the area. The Rooiberg conservancy mountain bike trails start at the Saggy Stone brewery. There are more than 70km of trails and permits cost R30pp. There is a 4x4 trail that starts about 2km from the cottage. There is also a hiking trail that starts at the Oak tree cottage. We just went up the first little stretch, with nice views of the two cottages. 

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A short walk past the Oak tree cabin a small stream appears. It does not flow past the cottages because it waters are channeled down the valley via pipes. The water of this spring is the secret ingredient in the Saggy Stone craft beer. 

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To conclude, we had a lovely time at the Cottage in the Kloof! It is a very special place, nestled in the Robertson mountains and is highly recommended!

Thanks Jackie and the rest of the Robinsons! We will definitely come visit again :-)

Bookings for Cottage in the Kloof can currently only be made via Airbnb.

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