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Berg & Beach day 2 (blog)

Berg & Beach day 2 (blog)

Day 2 of the Berg & Beach trail run was an 18km run from Sandbaai to Fernkloof nature reserve. The runners were transported from Fernkloof with the Hermanus School bus. Driving from Caledon, we were almost late. When we arrived two minutes before the scheduled departure time, we found the bus waiting and race organisor, Ugene Nel, not impressed with us "latecomers"... Ugene runs a tight ship...

The race briefing took place at Sandbaai inside the bus.

I was allowed to start slightly earlier, so that I could take pictures of the leaders on Onrus beach. It was nice to have the route to myself for a bit... well OK myself and a couple of canine friends :-)

The first leg of the race was a concrete trial from Sandbaai to Onrus beach.

When I reached the beach, I did not have to wait long for the leaders, Derrick Baard and Edward van der Merwe. Derrick went on the win the overall event while Edward won the senior section (Derrick competes in the veteran category).

In third place was the leading lady, Danette Smit.

After the beach we continued on a single track through grass covered dunes.

Which turned into a concrete trail through coastal rocks.

We then had a stretch of tar road, luckily a short stretch... trail runners don't like tar road...

Soon we stepped onto the famous Hermanus cliff path. The route largely followed the cliff path for the next 6km.

Roll call was held at about the halfway mark.

We eventually left the cliff path and turned onto a single track that followed the Mossel River and led us up towards Fernkloof. I met up with my lovely wife at the river crossing, happy space :-)

The route crossed underneath the R43, under a bridge.

The last stretch went into Fernkloof, with the river flowing on our left and the mountains looking down at us... how's the serenity :-)

The race finished at the Fernkloof nature reserve, an ideal place for a couple picture :-)

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