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Bain's Trail Run

Bain's Trail Run

Welvanpas, situated near Wellington and next to the Bainskloof pass, has been in the Retief family for 10 generations (and more than 300 years!) and is the birthplace of Voortrekker leader Piet Retief. In recent times the farm has become well known as an excellent mountain biking destination, hosting numerous Cape Epic stages.  Of course, most mountain biking trails are also excellent for trail running and Welvanpas is no exception. The 29th of October was Trail running day at Welvanpas, with the venue hosting the Bain's trail run. There were two routes to choose from (15km & 8km) and the organizers promised at lot of single track!

The race started with a mean climb through the vineyards. I got going a couple of minutes before the rest of the runners and were therefore able to get some pics of the leaders steaming up the hill.

They soon sped away into the distance with the beautiful Hawekwa mountains observing events from afar.

There were already large gaps between the runners... nothing like a hill at the start to spread the field a bit.

Luckily we soon reached the promised single track :-)

We descended into Bain's kloof on a gravel road...

But we soon climbed back unto single track :-)

Which led us through a small forest.

After exiting the forest areas we continued our journey in the lower areas of Bainskloof.

After making a U-turn the route headed back on the other side of the kloof eventually turning back up the slopes of the Groenberg.

After a short single track climb, we were welcomed with a sign "Lord of the Rings" signalling the start of a descend through a patch of natural forest with the Kromrivier bubbling on our left.

We went around a cool skywalk extending over the Kromrivier... nice :-)

After the forest the single track continued down the mountain...

Until we reached a gravel road...

That led us to the finish!

So we came to the end of another awesome day on the Western Cape trails :-)

There are four marked routes at Welvanpas farm, ranging from 15 to 29km. Day permits costs R50 and year permits are also available. The routes are predominantly single track and well worth checking out. Also consider enjoying a happy ending at "Die Ou Meul" Coffee shop after the run (or cycle) :-)

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