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Fynbos Trail Day 4

Fynbos Trail Day 4

We awoke with mixed feelings. On the one hand we were looking forward to the last day's hike :-) but on the other hand we knew that this was the last day and that we soon will have to say goodbye to our Fynbos friends :-(

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With Michelle taking the kids to Cape Town for a rowing competition, it was Sean's turn at the coalface :-)

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I think that the record will show that he did a great job! 

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There was time for a quick photo of our little group before we started our final leg.

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The first part of the hike was through an area infested with alien vegetation. In previous years the route took a detour up a hill to avoid this part. Subsequently Sean has engaged with the landowner and they have now started to clear the aliens. There is already a marked improvement and in a way this fits in with the Fynbos Trail environmental story by showing the effects of neglecting the environment especially when seen in contrast to the pristine condition of the rest of the trail.

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After that short stretch, we reached Bodhi Khaya a buddhist spiritual retreat. 

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In order not to disturb the people on the retreat, we turned right... up an old wagon trail.

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It is quite ironic that this trail was used to transport timber from the Witkloof forest and today it is used to conserve the same forest (amongst other things)!

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There was still some climbing to be done... no easy lunch on the final day!

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We could look back over a beautiful fynbos covered valley.

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Soon we entered the Grootbos nature reserve and the Baviaansfontein forest...

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This forest has some real stinkwood giants, like the one below!

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We came to the crossroads... right if you didn't choose the catered option (unlucky!) and left to the 5 star Grootbos lodge if you chose the catered option... for a 3 course meal to celebrate the end of the trail... We were fortunately able to turn left :-)

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We walked along a jeep track...

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Enjoying fine views over fynbos hills and Walker bay.

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We then reached our last forest...

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Which contained one of the biggest milkwoods I've ever seen!

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My beautiful wife was also enjoying the forest vibes :-)

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Too soon we reached Grootbos lodge...

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It was time to nestle in between the rich and famous!

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We could enjoy some beetroot bread and rolls for pre-starters... My wife don't normally like bread but even she enjoyed the beetroot bread...

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They prepared a special Hikers Lunch menu for us... leaving us with a lot of difficult decisions to make...

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After a long ardeous decision making process It was butternut soup as a starter...

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Salad for Ans-Mari (happy wife, happy life!)

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And a gourmet burger for me :-)

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Delicious homemade icecream with honeycombs for desert, yum yum!

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And just like that we were done with the Fynbos Trail. It was amazing to experience this beautiful part of the world and to learn more about the rare and special fynbos plant kingdom. We were blessed with a wonderful group of hikers and it was a privilege to get to know them more. Billy, our guide, truly knows the area and is a real treasure trove of information and a real nice guy. Our hosts, Sean and Michelle are such down to earth people, and yet also so passionate, dynamic and inspiring. Thanks everyone, it was an experience we will never forget :-)

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At least we could leave with a sweet taste in our mouths... every hiker was blessed with a pot of delicious organic fynbos honey from the Grootbos farm, yum yum!

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